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Serving Foundation International (SFI) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to providing service to help impoverished communities. It offers programs to the poorest of the poor and to the children in greatest need.

In 2017, SFI started Global Seeds Initiatives (GSI) as one of its projects. We met with our national leaders in India in September 2018 to focus especially on the unreached people groups in India and identified more than 3,500 unreached people groups out of 4,635 people groups in India. 

In 2018, God used us to lead more than 420,000 people to Christ, having baptized 300,000 of them. Since Indians believe in many gods, it is easy for them to receive Christ as one of their gods. Thus, we have been teaching our teams and leaders to only baptize those who have already shared and led another person to the Lord (discipleship training).  

We have trained 16,000 new leaders throughout India, and by the end of 2018, we had more than 20,000 leaders who were working with us.  We held more than 859 training camps throughout India and assisted in building 11 churches and training centers.

GSI distributed 200 bicycles to new leaders as part of graduation and support for those who have gone through training and who are in our mentoring and discipleship program.  These bicycles help leaders travel to villages as most of them travel 5-10 KM daily to do house visits and 2-10 KM for Sunday house services.  The bicycles also serve as a means of support during the week as they transport and sell wood, chickens, and eggs for their daily living.

During a recent meeting with the local leaders, they asked me to provide Bibles for them.  I agreed without realizing how much it would cost to provide a Bible for every new Christian.  Later, I suggested instead to provide a Bible for each family in their own language.  We made arrangements with the Bible Society of India and Shareworld Global, so that any GSI Team can go to any of their offices and get Bibles for the people they minister to.  As of February 2019, we distributed 8,006 Bibles!

Timothy Kim
Founder, Managing Director
Serving Foundation International

If you feel led to support Serving Foundation and its Global Seeds Initiative, consider sponsoring them with some of their 2019 targeted goals.